Sex and Soul

A very delicate subject in all religions is sex. Perhaps sex is the most popular subject on the Internet. Comparing the terms: sex, soul and Bible I came to the following results…

Source: Google. Sex in shown in blue color.

It is understandable that sex is an important subject for mankind. Without sex there would be no procreation, and without procreation the human race would naturally become extinct. This is indeed an important subject. I received a message about this subject from one reader and I thought it was important to express what I learned about this.

In my parents’ religion sex is something sacred. Furthermore, sex for them is the way they believe to achieve eternal life (in a physical body). This kind of philosophy is known as Tantra. Tantra encompasses more than this but this is one of the most popular teachings in tantric philosophy.

There is, however, another line of thought, also coming from India that preaches the opposite. That sex should be practiced only for reproduction and not for recreation. But what is interesting is that both believe in the same principle: the waste of semen is harmful to intelligence. In other words, wasting semen diminishes a person’s ability to learn new things.

In the Vaishnava tradition it is believed that a student should be celibate, that is, he should not have sex during his school years. After this stage, the family life stage begins. That is, sex is performed only to generate offspring. Well, this at least is the theory. But does this work in practice nowadays?

Many women nowadays do not want to have children for various reasons. Although this decision at first seems to be something that harms the human race, today’s society can live with this reality because the concentration of the population in cities has given us the feeling that there is no more room for so many people in the world. Therefore, an intelligent decision would be to have few or even no offspring.

The Earth’s natural resources are limited and there is already a shortage of water and food in some places. The soil, due to intense monoculture, is becoming unproductive over time. Areas that once sheltered forests have become deserted. Rivers are drying up. Many animals are becoming extinct. From this perspective, the future does not seem to be a place where people would like to raise their children. Besides natural limitations, there is the limitation of intelligence that causes many countries in the world to be at war.

But what do I believe? What has been revealed to me on this subject is that Tantra is a natural contraceptive method that for some reason ended up becoming a religion. Sex should be seen as something natural but not the center of our lives. For example, it is very common for people to believe that when the urge to have sex ends then it is the end of a marriage. I do not share this view. Sex is something that unites a couple, but it is not something that will make a couple stay together.

After a certain age, men no longer have the same potency as when they were young. This is something natural that must be understood and accepted by men, especially. The lack of sexual desire for the wife, if a couple has developed friendship and cooperation throughout their lives, will not be a problem when this time comes. By understanding the root of the problem, a man will not demand, for example, that his wife appear sexy 24 hours a day and even when she is older. Women on the other hand should not rely solely on physical appearance as a panacea for getting a partner or securing a marriage. Marriage is partnership. It is a way for two people to grow spiritually and to support each other through the challenges of material life. Love we have to exercise for all people, not only in marriage.

There is no formula that can apply to all people. But generally speaking, a woman “gets into heat” once a month when she is not pregnant. So at least once a month women will feel a natural urge to have sex. On the other hand, men are always available. Not everyone feels the urge every day, but at first men feel a greater need for sex. But this can vary from person to person. Each couple will find in time their own way to manage this.

Should men then have multiple wives? In Western culture, each man can officially have only one woman as his wife. In the East this matter is a little different. What’s right and what’s wrong I don’t know. But if a man decides to have another woman either because he fell in love or because the relationship isn’t working, I think there should be honesty and respect for the other party. One must be aware that the sexual connection is something primitively strong in us and that it can cause deep physical and emotional damage if it is not carefully and lovingly considered. Crimes of passion occur even in countries with high intellectual development. Therefore, respect and love for others, even when sexual impulses speak louder, must be exercised daily.

Photo by Ramez E. Nassif on Unsplash

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